The first European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
(EuCAP 2006)
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Antennas and Related Topics
A1 - Active and integrated antennas (MEMS...)
A2 - Analytic and numerical techniques in Electromagnetics
A3 - Antenna beamforming (digital, optical, RF...)
A4 - Antennas for mobile communications (WLAN, WIFI)
A5 - Antennas for space communications and navigation
A6 - Antennas for space passive and active instruments
A7 - Antenna interactions and coupling, RFC, EMC
A8 - Antenna measurements and instrumentation
A9 - High power antenna design and measurements
A10 - Industrial and medical applications/ biological interactions
A11 - Millimeter and sub-millimeter wave antennas
A12 - Multiband, wideband, UWB antennas
A13 - New materials, metamaterials, EBG structures
A14 - Onboard antennas (aircraft, UAV, UCAV, ships...)
A15 - Planar and conformal arrays
A16 - Printed elements and associated circuits
A17 - Reconfigurable antennas, multibeam antennas
A18 - Radar and GPR antennas, remote sensing antennas
A19 - Radar cross section
A20 - Reflector antennas and feed systems
A21 - Reflect-arrays and lenses
A22 - Scattering, inverse scattering, detection, microwave imaging
A23 - Small antennas, RFID tags and sensors
A24 - Smart and signal processing antennas (MIMO...)
A25 - Synthesis and optimisation techniques
A26 - Technologies for satellite antennas
A27 - Other antenna topics
A28 - Retrodirective Arrays
A29 - Computational Techniques for Antennas
A30 - COST and other european networks

Propagation and Related Topics
P1 - Asymptotic and full wave methods
P2 - Hybrid methods
P3 - Interference (UWB - Radar - Communications)
P4 - Mobile radio propagation and channel modelling
P5 - Over and under water propagation
P6 - Penetration and shielding
P7 - Propagation and channel measurements
P8 - Propagation and coupling indoors and in confined spaces
P9 - Propagation and scattering in vegetation
P10 - Propagation for fixed satellite services
P11 - Propagation for maritime and aeronautical applications
P12 - Propagation for mobile satellite services and navigation
P13 - Radio climatology
P14 - Ray-optical propagation modelling
P15 - Rough surface and random media scattering
P16 - Rural and urban propagation
P17 - Short-wave propagation
P18 - Stochastic and deterministic channel modelling
P19 - Transient fields and effects
P20 - Trans-ionospheric propagation
P21 - UWB channel modelling
P22 - Other propagation topics